Poems 2014

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The ocean builds its bars of sand

Inexorably till there’s land

Extending inches farther than

It did before this all began.

Yet it destroys within a day

What it so painstakingly laid

When waves from surging hurricane

Submerge all back to sunken plain.

But quickly cycle starts again.

Now tranquil ocean works to mend

The damage in one day it rent

Till bars of sand once more ascend.

Raymond HV Gallucci







Words and mist drifted over open water

like innocence

searching for allegiance.

In the distance, ships silently cross

flat horizons;

dark smoke rises from them,

appearing as fingers, directing their paths.

The sky and ocean merge into a

corner of blue; small clouds dot the surface

as if lost in a theatre of greatness.

The ships fade. Dusk rolls in a carpet of gray.

Birds sit quiet.

The earth sounds firm beneath me.

 Roger G. Singer
Moonshine Visions

My courtyard Buddha
looks right at me,
sipping my latest moonshine.

My moonshine days
are filled with waterfall rays,
looking within and out again.

These ephemeral days
are never far away.
My moonshine instills the calm.

My mind,
once enlightened,
sees everything.

Like a bird that sings,
I am in everything,
re-discovering the humdrum patter of life.

These moonshine days
have earned a special place
in my courtyard.

Heretofore, I shared only with Buddha,
my favorite mug of fiery brew that
fuels imagination.

Until now. Dear reader,
consider this your
invitation to join me.

Marc Livanos